3 Strand Turquoise Bracelet

Turquoise, Blue Zircon, and Tanzanite

December has three birthstones in shades of blue: Turquoise, Blue Zircon, and Tanzanite.

Turquoise has a rich history. It is called the stone of  Shamans and is believed to blend Earth and Heaven.  It is believed to be one of the earliest stones used in jewelry dating back to the Pharaohs of early Egypt. In Iran, Turquoise is the national gemstone. The Aztecs believed the turquoise was sacred and made adornments and masks with it for ceremonial purposes.

In the United States, Native Americans used the turquoise to made magnificent jewelry and ornamental pieces. They also believed it was a magical stone providing protection. It has a long history of protecting horses and riders on long journeys. Turquoise induces good health, higher consciousness, kindness, trust, and wisdom to the wearer, along with good fortune and success. Take care when wearing Turquoise as it is very delicate. This soft, porous, opaque stone can easily discolour, break, or scratch. Our three strand Turquoise bracelet is a welcome addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

Blue Zircon is one of the oldest natural mineral on earth, dating back 4.4 billion years. Did you know that the Zircon is found in the crust of the earth? It is also one of the twelve gemstones set in the foundation of Jerusalem’s city walls. The largest location for Blue Zircon is Cambodia. This stone symbolizes healing.  It helps to promote common sense, to overcome losses, and to help mental disturbances for the wearer.

The first gemstone to be added to the birth stone list since 1912, is Tanzanite, making it the newest December birthstone. Tanzanite was discovered in 1967 by Maasai herders around Arusha Tanzania.  In 1968, Tiffany and Co gave the stone it’s name, after they became the primary distributor. It is named after its country of origin and the only  place it is found.  Tanzanite enhances communication, psychic abilities, and personal powers. Tanzanite symbolises  Honor, Prosperity, Wisdom, and wards off Evil. Tanzanite is not durable and the wearer should take special care when wearing this gemstone.

Happy Birthday to my lucky December Babies: Bene, Katherine, Lynda, Lana, Michael, Theria, Allison, Maryann, Jayne, Janine, Hollie, Charles, Jake, Sam, and Kaylee.