A gift of love from God’s earth

There are many benefits of crystals. Crystals and Stones  have been used for thousands of years throughout all empires, cultures, and religions. To get the most benefits from crystals or stones you should match them up with specific body areas to bring amazing healing abilities. They are a gift of love from God’s earth.  They can calm, stimulate, facilitate awareness, encourage emotional expression, heal, and even bring luck and protection to the wearer. Crystals have been referenced over 200 times in the Christian Bible. The breast plates of many High Priests are adorned with crystals. View our beautiful crystals.

“Since 1980, I have developed a knowledge of crystals through the exploration of healers, astrologers and psychics. My first journey into this powerful world began at Peddlers Village in Pennsylvania. Certain crystals and stones establish angelic contact; these stones are highly spiritual which can help one in connecting with your angels, spirit guides and the Higher Self.”

Crystal and Stone Angel Guidance

  • Angelite: Haniel & Raguel. Enhances astral travel and angelic communication.
  • Amethyst: Michael. Promotes Spirituality & Calming; protective stone excellent meditation tool. Aids to conquer Addictions. 
  • Black Onyx Haniel , Ragiel , & Raguel.  Increases concentration , enhances your visions and dreams. Also good for grounding and self-control, Deflects negative energy.
  • Black Tourmaline: Michael & Gabriel. Protects against negative energy of all kinds… as well as being a powerful spiritual grounding stone. It provides increase in one’s physical vitality, emotional stability, can maintain ones “Spirits”.
  • Celestite: Gabriel & Raguel.  Linking tool to communication with your angels . Learn how to bring all of your gifts forward.
  • Citrine: Ariel, Gabriel, Uriel. Powerful alignment tool that works with the High Self to heal old patterns and attract abundance. Increases Self- Esteem, Healer and balancer of personal power. It’s known as the “Merchant Stone” as it brings success in business. 
  • Coral: Ariel.  Symbolizes joy and happiness.  Brings healing of bone structures and helps with emotional distress.
  • Fluorite : Raphael, Raziel, & Uriel. Promotes Spiritual growth, a powerful healing stone. Grounds your energy and improves focus. 
  • Garnet: Gabriel, Raphael, and Haniet. Stimulates passion, creativity and intention. Increases determination and courage. Attracts Love Promotes bonding, constancy and faithfulness Love and Compassion. 
  • Jade: Raphael & Raziel. Prosperity stone improves health and assists in past life recall. Dispels negativity over sensitivity. Jade is known as the” Dream Stone” bringing realization to one’s potential and devotion to one’s purpose. 
  • Lapis: Michael and Raziel.  Brings balance to your head and heart . Symbolizes inspiration and wisdom.
  • Quartz: Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, & Raphael. This crystal draws blessings of all kinds in your life. It’s believed to bring the stars into the soul. Enhances spiritual awareness.
  • Turquoise: Sandalphon.  Heals the Spirit: Symbolizes beauty and brings peace of mind to the wearer.
Sirius Amethyst Stone
Citrine Crystal Stone_Mystical Arts by Ruby
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