Golden Topaz Stone

The golden topaz stone symbolizes the “Joy of Life”.  This golden colored topaz is the November Natal Stone. On the zodiac birthstone list, it is a Leo and a Scorpio birthstone.  The topaz stone also comes in numerous other colors, including blue, pink, white, and golden to orange. Most golden topaz stones come from Russia and Brazil, but there are also topaz mines in Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Texas. Golden topaz stones make beautiful jewelry, which allow you to keep it close to your body chakras where it has a beneficent effect.

The golden topaz stone is believed to stimulate digestion and metabolism. In ancient times, the topaz was used to control excessive anger and heat, increase wisdom, strengthen the mind and prevent nightmares. The Bible considers it a protection stone of the New Jerusalem. After each wearing, it is recommended that you care for your topaz stone by cleansing under running lukewarm water and then place your topaz in sunlight for a few hours to be recharged.

The topaz is attuned to Archangel Michael bringing love, well being, and the attraction of wealth to the wearer. Happy Birthday to all of my November Babies: My Beloved Johnny Boy, Isabel, Jennifer, Marisol, John and Madison .