Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleanse Your Crystals to Remove Negativity

August 18th is the Full Moon.  It is a excellent time to cleanse your crystals by putting them out in the light of the full moon. Recharge your crystals the following day by exposing them to the sun for at least 20 minutes . This will remove all negativity !

Did you know the Natal Stone for August is Peridot?

The Peridot was greatly respected by the Ancient Egyptians. It is now the national gem of Egypt. It is sometime called the”Gem of the Sun”. 

The Peridot is also known as the “Stone of Release”, allowing clarity and renewal to take place. The gem is capable of cleansing and healing hurt feelings, bringing honestly and integrity to relationships. It’s a great stone for meditation and can be used to navigate one’s path.

Peridot is attuned to Archangel Raguel; bringing Abundance, Hope, Generosity, Strength, and Wisdom to the wearer.

Happy Birthday to All August Babies: My Beloved Mother, Frankie, Pete, Elliott, and Stacey.

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