Amethyst_Mystical Arts by Ruby

Amethyst is a Cardinal Stone

Amethyst is a Cardinal stone, along with Emeralds, Diamonds, Rubies, and Sapphires. They were considered rare and precious for many years. The stone was said to protect crops, bring good fortune in war, drive out evil spirits and inspire the intellect. The rich violet-purple color of this Cardinal Stone is the color of royalty. It comes in all shades of purple, lilac and mauve. Amethyst is February ‘s Natal Stone and makes a nice gift.

In the 18th century, the discovery of extensive deposits of Amethyst in Brazil made the gems lose some of their value. The value of Amethyst is mostly related to its color display. The “Deep Russian” is the highest grade of Amethyst stone, because of its color, a deep purple with a slight blue hue. The “Deep Russian” is no longer produced, which adds to its value. The stone is also found in Africa, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Russia, United States, and Uruguay.

The word Amethyst comes from the Greek word ” Amethystos” meaning sober. The ancient Greeks wore and made drinking vessels decorated with Amethyst to prevent intoxication and evil thoughts. The Tibetans made prayer beads from the stone and consider the Amethyst sacred to Buddha.

In the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, the Amethyst enhances the wealth corner focusing on the giving and receiving of material wealth. At the highest level, Amethyst bestows the spiritual understanding required to reach the state of bliss.

It is believed that Cleopatra wore an Amethyst ring engraved with the figure Mithra, who symbolized the ” Divine Idea of Light and Life”. The Egyptians also believed this cardinal stone would dispel sleep, sharpen intellect, and protect from sorcery.

Amethysts are very sensitive to heat so keep out of sun. They will change color!

The Amethyst is attuned to the Archangel Michael. It brings meditation and psychic abilities, along with sobriety, spirituality, and wisdom, to the wearer. Happy Birthday to all of my February Babies: Roxanne, Anna, Nelson, Bartola, Martin, Paul, and My Asian Daughter Sui.