Rubies with Gold necklace

Where do rubies come from?

Did you ever wonder where rubies come from? Rubies come from the mineral corundum. They have the same chemical composition and mineral structure as the sapphire, but the red color is produced by the presence of chromium in the gem.  To be considered a ruby, there must be enough chromium to give the gem a distinctly red color. Ruby is the July natal stone, represents Health, Good Fortune, Love, and Wisdom.

Rubies are known to be a blood stone, which strengthens the heart and stimulates blood flow and circulation. It aids in treating diseases or disorders of the heart, along with fevers. It helps to stimulate the adrenals and the kidneys. Ruby is one of four “precious “ gemstones including the diamond, emerald, and sapphire.

According to legend, rubies come from Asia.  The first ruby was discovered in Asia during prehistoric times. Asia is still the main producers of the best rubies. The most prized ruby is the “Pigeon’s Blood”,  known for its intense red color. This ruby came from the Mogok Valley of Upper Burma, known for the rarest and finest rubies. The national stone of both Burma and Thailand is the Ruby. During the Middle Ages, the gem was known as a prophecy and protection stone against the plague. If a ruby stone became darker in color, the villagers would flee the area in order to protect against the plague, only returning when the stone became lighter.

The Ruby is often given as a gift for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversary, as well as on Valentine ‘s Day gift to express love.  It is also popular in July for engagements.

Rubies are easy to care for due to their hardness and durability, however never wear them around harsh chemicals. Run the gem under warm water and recharged in sunlight for 2 hours twice a month. The Ruby is attuned to Archangels Michael and Jophiel bringing the wearer awareness of your hearts connection. It encourages creativity and wisdom.

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