Protect Your Amethyst

February’s Natal Stone is Amethyst. Amethyst is the stone of “Royalty”.  The stone is here to teach the humility to yourself, with the universes powers, to help guide and direct your future.

The ancient Greeks wore the gem to protect against evil thoughts and keep them quick witted with a clear head. The stone is known to help with addictions. They should be kept in one’s Living Room and Bathroom. If you suffer from nightmares always keep a stone under your pillow.

Please note that the stone is extremely sensitive to heat, keep out of the sun. They can change color !!!

Amethyst is attuned to Archangel Michael  which brings psychic and meditation abilities. Amethyst: “Let go and Trust “

Happy Birthday to all February babies: Roxanne, Bill, Martin, Paul, and Nelson 

Happy Valentines to all!!