Cleopatra’s Favorite

Did you know that Cleopatra’s favorite gem is the Emerald?  Emerald is May’s Natal Stone which is the symbol of Rebirth. The ancient Romans dedicated the stone to the goddess of love and beauty Venus.

The Emerald has many myths associated with it, as the cure of dysentery, to stop bleeding and a fever, also prevent epilepsy .

The Emerald is known to bring the wearer fortune, foresight, and youth. A perfect Emerald can be of the rarest of stones.

The Emerald is attuned with the Archangels Raphael , Raziel, and Jophiel  bringing Growth, Patience, and Wisdom.

Happy Birthday to all of my May Babies: Doreen, Enid, Tanya, Michael, Mimi, Pat, and Louis.