Green stone: June and August birthstones in this bracelet

What stone comes only in green?

The Peridot, a gem which comes only in green, is August’s Natal Stone. This green stone can vary greatly in intensity and tint. The Peridot can be yellowish green to brown green or the perfect olive green, the latter of which is the most valuable. The Peridot is a mineral composed of magnesium iron silicate, which is a transparent variety of olivine found in abundance in meteorites and lava.

The gemstone is among the oldest know gems, dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. They called this green stone “ the gem of the Sun”.  The Greeks believed it would bring royal dignity to the wearer of the Peridot. It was mined for 3,500 years on St. John’s Island in the Red Sea. At one point, the whereabouts of the island became a mystery because for several centuries it was shrouded in fog. It was rediscovered in 1905. The island is located 35 miles off the Egyptian coastal port of Berenice. These green gems are also found in Australia, Brazil, Burma, China, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Mexico, and the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona.

The Peridot is also called the “Evening Emerald “ because it glows a brilliant green under artificial light. The Peridot is the National Gem of Egypt. Any stones beyond eight carats are considered museum or collectors pieces.  In today ‘s culture the Peridot is a prized gem. Russia ‘s Crown Jewels has a 192 carat Peridot in the Kremlin. You can find two of the finest gemstones are displayed in the the Museum of Natural History in NYC. and Field Museum in Chicago. The Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC has a cut 310 carat Peridot. It makes a great birthday gift for August. 

The Peridot is attuned to Archangel Raguel bringing assistants in creating prosperity to all areas of life.
Happy Birthday to all of my August Babies: My Beloved Mum, Franca, Santo, Elliott, Cynthia and Tania.